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Limpet TTSTM


The Limpet TTSTM (Thermodynamic Transport System) uses an appropriate Limpet Heating System plus an array of adaptor blocks that transmit the heat generated across flat or curved areas, such as vessels and tanks or to multiple units, such as pumps.

Main Features

  • Dimensions: Variable and custom-designed to fit snugly to a particular application.

  • Heat source: Variable; can be AlphaLimpet, MicroLimpet, DeltaLimpet or Dolfin.

  • Voltage: 110Vac or 230Vac.

  • Power rating: This will depend upon the size of the workpiece being heated but could be up to several kW.

  • Temperature range:  0°C to 250°C.

  • Minimum operating temperature: 0°C.

  • Temperature control: Variable control depending upon heat source.

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