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AlphaLimpetTM Heaters

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The AlphaLimpetTM is microprocessor controlled dual channel heater that is designed to provide high heat flow to process equipment that struggles to be heated by traditional means.

An alternative to trace-heating that can't get the heat flow in, or jacketed water heated systems that are just too complex or expensive to heat this way.


Main Features

AlphaLimpet electrical heater for pumps, valves, meters and process pipework

  • Dual controller if required, for complex systems

  • Programmable with ramp rate settings

  • Supervisory status option

  • Compact, economic, cost saving, clean heating

  • Robust IP67 construction with anodised aluminium case

  • Maximum operating temperature 80°C.

  • 110 / 230 Volts; up to 120W power output.

  • Conduit entry or IP-rated plug & play sockets

  • Supervision output, internal or external probes

  • LED status indication


How it Works

Microprocessor Accuracy

The AlphaLimpetTM incorporates a microprocessor built within the heater block, giving the heater the ability to look after itself and to control temperature based on an internal, user-adjustable set-point using pre-set PID parameters.

AlphaLimpet control switches
Temperature ramp control
AlphaLimpet PID perameters


Using the internal DIP switch arrangement beneath a removeable lid, a Limpet can be set up in various modes.

It can allow a user to override the internal set-point, monitor the spare temperature sensor port and control the unit externally just as a heater using ON/OFF control and a separate temperature sensor.

The device has in internal LED to assist with programming status.

Ramp Control

For sensitive applications, the unit can be programmed to perform a controlled ramp rate.  This can be very useful where products are sensitive to thermal shock (concrete for example).

Different Modes

A Limpet can also be used in “Primary” or “Secondary” mode, so that an AlphaLimpet, being controlled either by an internal setpoint or an external ON/OFF signal, can drive a series of secondary heaters (either BetaLimpets or MicroLimpets) from the same connection.

AlphaLimpet Series 3 heating series 7 driving a BetaLimpet


If desired, the user can wire up Limpets in a combination of Primary / Secondary (either internally or externally controlled) and can even stagger set points to generate a gradient heat profile on the workpiece that is being heated.

See Configurations >>>

Limpet process heating options


The user can monitor the heater’s status using a simple linked-together healthy signal.  This is often critical for users and no other known system provides a single, self-contained heating block with such flexibility and reporting ability without hooking on an external control system, i.e., there is no need for a control panel.

Heat Transfer

Unless it can be mounted onto a flat surface, a Limpet must normally be used in combination with a profiled adapter block, which gives a direct heat flow path to the workpiece shape, hence being able to heat a myriad of equipment surfaces by the use of a correctly-profiled metal adapter block (usually aluminium). 

The adapter block also serves as an effective heat storage device, thereby enhancing the mass of heat flow into the workpiece under varying cooling loads. We make a range of standard adaptor blocks that will fit most common items and radii but we can also produce custom-profiled blocks, as required.

The blocks are usually fitted to the workpiece with stainless steel adjustable straps and the Limpet is fitted to the adapter block using easy to fit T-nuts.

Limpet heating adaptor block for pumps, valves or flow meters


AlphaLimpet is used with an adapter block to heat and control to accurate temperatures




Large Flange Heating

Lobe pumps heating

Lobe Pumps

industrial valve heating
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Progressive cavity pc pump heating

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Industrial valve heating
Process heating installation with butterfly valves

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 176mm long (excluding connectors) x 63mm wide x 52mm high. Adaptor blocks can be provided where necessary.

  • Voltage: 110Vac or 230Vac.

  • Power rating: up to 130W (110Vac) or 120W (230Vac).

  • Temperature range: 0°C to 80°C.

  • Minimum operating temperature: -40°C.

  • Temperature control: ±0.8°C.

  • Colour: Red.

AlphaLimpets are available in a number of configurations with a variety of connection options and can be used to control "slave" units, such as the BetaLimpet. Please see the details on our Configurations Page.

To view the AlphaLimpet data sheet, click here >>>>.

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