Accelerated Concrete Curing

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Accelerated Concrete Curing

Concrete mould curing for pre-stressed units 

Our patented technology lends itself very well to concrete curing applications, especially where accelerated initial curing is required. The most important applications are pre-stressed units, such as lintels, T-beams, slabs, hollow-core panels and railway sleepers. In cold weather, these can take several days to reach the required strength for de-moulding, so heat is applied to provide a 24-hour production cycle.

The heating systems can also be used to accelerate curing of other concrete moulds, using bespoke heating and insulation panels.

Traditional heating methods include steam and kerosene burners. However, these techniques are extremely energy inefficient and are not environmentally friendly or safe. In addition, they are difficult to control and may result in lower long-term strength or micro-cracking of the concrete units.

The Limpet Heating concrete curing system overcomes these issues in a number of ways, most notably using a fraction of the energy.

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Main Features

  • Our concrete curing systems generally consist of three main elements:

    • The patented MegaLimpet. This is incorporated into a control panel that supplies power to the concrete moulds.
    • Limpet heating panels. These are aluminium plates with electrical heaters attached to them that are mounted onto the outside surfaces of the concrete mould. All the electrical components are potted, so that they are completely waterproof, at least to IP67 rating. The contact surfaces of the panels are coated with heat conductive paste and the panels are held in place by a rigid mechanical system to ensure excellent contact between the heating panel and the mould. 

      In a typical mould there may be more than one ‘control loop’ (typically controlling a ‘zone’ or channel in the mould), each of which incorporates a very accurate temperature sensor that feeds back the temperature information to the MegaLimpet, which then turns the heating on and off, depending upon the ramp rate or the set temperature. 

    • Insulation. Each heating panel is covered with insulation and waterproof cladding. The unheated surfaces are also covered with the same insulation. 

Cross-section of a typical prestressed mould with Limpet heating panels and insulation 

Typical prestressed concrete mould heating system with control panel

Control panel interior with Limpet MegaLimpet control unit and two control loops (one for each mould, so that they can operate independently)

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