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From a leading biscuit manufacturer:

“ When told about the performance of the Dolfin unit I had a unit on loan for a week to prove the performance, and it was as good as its word”.


“I have previously used heated and unheated jackets to heat and keep warm IBCs of syrup and malt but no longer do I need to keep renewing heated jackets at several thousand pounds a time. The Dolfin can be used in one product. then removed and cleaned, and quickly used on another product with in the hour.  A great step forward in IBC heating.”  

From a bird and pet food manufacturer:

"The Dolfins have changed the way that our production runs. They offered us a way to increase our production at our own pace. For us and the product we handle, we were not ready to be accepting product in tankers, and to be able to manage the tricky product in IBCs was amazing."

"Our Dolfins are on 24/7/365. With all new things, there have been teething problems, but Limpet Heating have always been there to help! They have never left us without an answer and have always been very honest with us and never tried to pull the wool over our eyes - and that goes a really long way."

"We never used heating jackets, as I know all too well the horror stories of slow melting times and them catching fire, and this is what held me back from moving to IBCs. But after seeing the Dolfins and trialling one for a week, that changed everything! The only improvement for us that could be made, is for us to have more of them."

From Sophie Jewett at York Cocoa Works:

"The development of the Limpet Immersive Melangeur Heating system has been invaluable to us at York Cocoa Works. The precision temperature control function has enabled us to implement a manageable conching process into our recipe design in a hygienic, efficient and replicable way. We’ve been able to significantly reduce time and increase efficiency and control of flavour and quality quickly - cutting our processing time by 1/3 and delivering a better flavour experience in our products." 

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