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We are not only supplying heating equipment, we are providing peace of mind


  • Compact
  • Economic
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust IP67-rated aluminium case
  • Full range of application options
  • User-adjustable temperature control
  • Fully user-programmable
  • Ramp rate control
  • LED indicator
  • 110V or 230V
  • Heat up to 80°C
  • Profiled adaptor block
  • Easy installation

The Limpet Heating Company was established by a group of people with many years of industrial process heating experience.  We decided to do something about the frustration experienced by many plant operators when their operations were brought to a halt due to the failure of the heating system on a critical piece of equipment. This can very quickly incur significant costs in lost production and maintenance, not to mention the potential loss of customer confidence.

One of the challenges facing plant operators is that there are pieces of equipment or parts of process plants that are very difficult or just too expensive to heat effectively using traditional heating technologies, such as trace heating, electrical heaters or hot water.  This is usually due to their awkward shapes or their location, the large mass, or the need to gain access to the internal parts where a welded water jacket would prevent this.

The team also had much experience of the industry’s fear of water systems with the bacteriological issues.  Food companies continue to use water systems because of the effective lack of alternative technologies and live with the fear that their produce could eventually be contaminated.

The challenge was to bring to the market a system that was cost effective, versatile, clean and could be a standard system that fits many shapes.  Our team realised that the market needed a very compact heater that could be secured onto these hard-to-reach places and then controlled accurately to provide a reliable heat source exactly where it is needed.

As a result, The LimpetTM was born.

Limpet industrial heater

The LimpetTM heating system incorporates many years of development experience from a brilliant team of gifted engineers. In developing the system, we have incorporated some important features:

  • Limpets are compact and easy to install.
  • They can be intelligent and programmable, eliminating the need for a separate control panel. They are literally “plug and play”.
  • They are rated to IP67, meaning that they can withstand virtually any environmental conditions and can be immersed in water to a depth of 1m for 30 minutes. And we are working on a fully-submersible version (IP68).
  • Our systems use components that are will-proven and have long MTBFs (in most cases measured in decades).   So they are extremely robust and reliable.
  • The Limpet has an internal monitoring system that is continually self-checking every minute of the day.  It checks its own power switch for any issues, it checks the current load on the heating element, and it also makes sure that the power going in is ramping correctly.  This gives the site manager peace of mind – at that last plant maintenance event did that heater get plugged back in?  Did the Limpet get fitted back on?  The Limpet Supervisory Port, which comes as standard, allows you to monitor all of that, either in a group or individually - the choice is yours.

You can rest assured too that we have a quality product. Our manufacturing is carried out in UK facilities that are ISO 9001 and QS 9000 approved.  Our final assembly and test is carried out at Wath Group Ltd, Unit 1, Bedford Park, Barnsley Road, Wath Upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 6DQ.

So if you are having problems providing heat to a particular piece of equipment or a component in your process or plant, the Limpet system could solve your problems, as well as giving you peace of mind.

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